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from 9.08.2010 to 30.11.2012

Sizer XS for iPhone

Sizer XL for iPad

Sizer is a mobile app that ultimately solves the problem of selecting clothing, shoe and accessory sizes.

For brands

  • Allows to make special offers, targeted according to the customers’ clothing sizes.
  • Data about millions of users from all over the world to solve the problem of size scales’ congruence.

For customers

  • For online shopping.
  • For shopping in foreign countries.
  • Gifts for loved ones.

Not fair

It is not fair, that we don’t have unified size scale for clothes and shoes that would make shopping so much easier. Existing standards of size determination and changes that brands make from time to time leave no option to get the right size but to try on. In the US and China goods of the same actual size are labeled differently. Shopping has become international long ago and because of the size issue purchasing stuff is more like playing lottery. For customers it turns into unsuccessful purchases, for stores it’s a large percentage of return.

It is the year of 2016 and the solution hasn’t been found yet. Sizer will be a grand study on the measurement of bodies and of the correlation between it and sizes, marked at the tags.

Millions of customers all over the world and feasibility of computer analysis of the enormous amount of data are the key to the precise size determination.

Sizer stands up for your right to enter the store at NYC, Paris or Tokyo, and get the jeans that perfectly fit by pronouncing the single number.

The screenshot above shows the new interface. You can check out the old one in the App Store.

Sizer today


Sizer is the nominee of The Webby Awards as the best Lifestyle app.

TOP PAID 3 weeks after release.

WHAT'S HOT status 4 weeks after release.

Apple's APP OF THE WEEK status 11 weeks after release.

APPLE'S STAFF FAVORITES status 18 weeks after release.

media abоut sizer

"Application that remembers that 2 years ago you wore jeans two sizes smaller."

"Trip to another country, online shopping and surprise gift for the loved one has become so much easier."

"Must have application for every shopper, especially for those, who love foreign online stores."

"You could've just said 'We have Beautiful Pixels!'. Seriously, loved the app."


As of July, 2015

Downloads by country

France — 71 600

Spain — 64 400

Italy — 63 400

China — 62 800

USA — 57 900

Russia — 59 600

Germany — 35 700

Brazil — 32 700

Korea — 10 800

Taiwan — 10 800

Mexico — 10 200

United Kingdom — 5 920

Saudi Arabia — 5 960

Canada — 5 240

Next steps of Sizer

Step by step we are moving towards launching the new version of the app with multiple new features. Our next goal is to conduct a study of compliance of clothing sizes with body measurements.

Sizer ID

Cloud data storage. Syncronization between device and accounts with further perspectives on authorization in the stores with the option of searching and filtering by customer’s sizes.

Sizer Database

Data about millions of users from all over the world for the research on the size standardization.

Sizer Expert

The learning system and adjustment algorithm based on the user data and feedback.

Sizer API

Access to the algorithms of size conversions and user’s data in case of their agreement.

Sizer для Android

It’s not even a question. Sizer Android app will double the breadth of the study.

Sizer Frame

Module of Sizer integration to online stores for clothing, shoes, and accessories (instead of a regular size table).

Sizer Target

System of the special offering according to sizes.

Sizer Polite UI

Development of the new interface based upon considering the problems and psychological characteristics of the desired size selection.

"When we try on 10 pairs of jeans to buy one, the reason you feel bad is because you think something’s wrong with you."

Mary Alderete, Vice President of Women’s Global Marketing at Levi’s

Monetization hypothesis

The paid app monetization model was obvious back in 2011, but now we see several other interesting ways to further the app development.

Special offers and advertisement campaigns, targeted according to customers’ sizes.

Integration of the conversion algorithm to online stores (instead of size tables) or providing access to the API for self-integration algorithm.

Access to the data base of measurements and sizes.

Project team
Dmitriy Provotorov
Product Manager
Anton Lovchikov
Designer of the first version
Andrey Tsurikov
Programmer of the first version
Dmitriy Kochkin
Programmer of the first version
Elena Moiseeva
Designer of the second version
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